Fish & Lobster Co.

Retail & Wholesale


Our managing director began his working life as a commercial fisherman a long time ago - oystering, scalloping and netting inshore; and later, trawling offshore. It’s a good place to start this story. We have an awareness of what it takes to catch and care for fish and shellfish in a responsible way. It takes good sense and perseverance from fishermen. It creates value for everyone especially the customer.  We are able to guide and advise clients honestly and correctly both in the present moment and in forward planning.

"We have an awareness of what it takes to catch and care for fish and shellfish in a responsible way."

We are part of a solid chain of relationships that lead to top notch fish and shellfish. Whether these are in Sussex or Canada, the USA or Spain, France or South Africa, the criterion remain the same, the end results are exceptional. We have worked with some suppliers and fishermen from the beginning and we add both new products and suppliers only if they meet our standards and our purpose – your value.

Thirteen years ago we opened a business in London’s Billingsgate Market. Today we have six stands offering our complete range. We are also able to receive fish from select European ports in Billingsgate and to distribute throughout the greater London metropolitan area and beyond. The London manager has a long and comprehensive knowledge of the market and its customers. He is supported by a group of women and men who rise early and work hard. They know exactly what they are doing, and what will work for you. You need only ask...

We are a family owned business and we are a committed equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to the group of women and men who make our company in Selsey and London a friendly and efficient workplace. From the fishermen locally and abroad to the people who care for and pack the fish and shellfish to the sales people who take your orders we, as a group, guarantee the care that you, our customers, deserve. Why not try the Selsea standard!